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Active Directory Licensing is only based on the number of Enabled User objects (No restriction on Groups, Computers, etc.,)

No. of User Objects Standard Edition
250 User Objects US$475
500 User Objects US$745
1000 User Objects US$1,195
1500 User Objects US$1,795
2000 User Objects US$2,145
3000 User Objects US$2,395
5000 User Objects US$3,345
10000 User Objects US$5,995
20000 User Objects US$6,595
50000 User Objects US$8,395
100000 User Objects US$14,395
200000 User Objects US$21,595

Exchange/Exchange OnlineLicensing is based on the number of user and shared mailboxes. (No restrictions on other mailbox types)

No. of Exchange Mailboxes Standard Edition
Backup and restoration Export to PST
25 Mailboxes US$295 US$95
50 Mailboxes US$495 US$175
100 Mailboxes US$795 US$295
200 Mailboxes US$1295 US$495
300 Mailboxes US$1795 US$595
500 Mailboxes US$2495 US$795
1000 Mailboxes US$3995 US$995
  • If you purchase a backup and restoration license, you can backup and restore mailboxes, and also export mailboxes to PST format.
  • If you purchase an Export to PST license, you can only export mailboxes to PST format.

SharePoint Online

No. of Sites Standard Edition
5 Sites US$145
10 Sites US$245
25 Sites US$495
50 Sites US$745
100 Sites US$995
200 Sites US$1495
300 Sites US$1995
500 Sites US$2495
1000 Sites US$3495

OneDrive for Business

No. of Sites Standard Edition
25 Sites US$95
50 Sites US$145
100 Sites US$245
200 Sites US$445
300 Sites US$595
500 Sites US$895
1000 Sites US$1495

With the free edition of RecoveryManager Plus, you can

Active Directory
  • Backup and restore any number of deleted objects.
  • Manage all objects in a single domain
  • Configure weekly backup schedule
  • Backup and restore 10 mailboxes
  • Export 10 mailboxes to PST
SharePoint Online & OneDrive for Business
  • Backup and restore 2 SharePoint sites
  • Backup and restore 1 OneDrive site
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Pricing FAQs:

  • How is RecoveryManager Plus licensed?

    RecoveryManager Plus is licensed through annual subscription and includes the following components:

    1. Active Directory
    2. SharePoint Online
    3. OneDrive for Business
    4. Exchange Online/On-premises Exchange.
    Component Criteria
    Active Directory Number of enabled user objects
    SharePoint Online Number of sites
    OneDrive for Business Number of sites
    Exchange Online/On-premises Exchange. Number of mailboxes

    Based on your backup needs, you can choose all or any specific components you need. Mentioned below is the licensing criteria for each component:

  • Can I use RecoveryManager Plus to back up just any one component?

    Yes. The Active Directory, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Exchange Online, and on-premises components of RecoveryManager Plus are licensed individually. You can choose to purchase any one or all of the above components based on your requirement.

  • How is the Active Directory component of RecoveryManager Plus licensed?

    The Active Directory component is licensed based on the number of enabled user objects. There are no restrictions on the number of Groups, Computers, OUs, or other AD objects that can be backed up using RecoveryManager Plus.

  • How is the SharePoint Online/OneDrive for Business component of RecoveryManager Plus licensed?

    The SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business components are licensed based on the number of sites you want to back up. 

  • How is the Exchange (on-premises and/or Exchange Online) component for RecoveryManager Plus licensed?

    Depending on your needs, the Exchange component is licensed based on either of these models:

    1. Mailbox backup and restoration: It’s licensed based on the number of mailboxes you want to back up; you can backup mailboxes, perform granular restoration of mailbox items or entire mailbox restorations, and export mailboxes to PST format.
    2. Export to PST: This model will only allow you to export mailboxes to PST format and is licensed based on the number of mailboxes you want to export to PST format.
  • Should I have to get different licenses for my Active Directory groups and my computers?

    No. Licenses are based on the number of enabled users and not on any other AD objects.

  • How do I find the number of user objects in my domain to purchase a license?

    To find the number of enabled users in your AD environment,

    1. Open PowerShell in your domain controller.
    2. Run the following command - (get-aduser -filter *|where {$_.enabled -eq "True"}).count.
  • Does the license include inactive users such as the disabled users and account expired users?

    RecoveryManager Plus's Active Directory Component is licensed only based on Number of active user objects. By default, RecoveryManager Plus backs up all AD Objects including disabled user objects and account expired users.

For any other queries, please write to support request; we'll be happy to help.

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