How to Get Real-Time Network Management Right

Speaker: Scott Riley,
Director of Hosting and Cloud Services at GCI

Duration: 60 Minutes

On average, an hour's downtime costs an organization about $163,000. And a downtime of just 10 minutes in a 2500-person organisation can result in a loss of 416 work hours. Thus, network reliability and availability are critical in ensuring customer satisfaction and employee productivity. Through effective real-time network management, you can spot degradations early and avoid costly downtime.

Join us for a free webinar on How to Get Real-Time Network Management Right: Overcoming the Challenges Involved.

If you're an IT manager or a network administrator, you'll find this webinar quite useful.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how to embrace and manage new technologies effectively.
  • Learn to face the new network challenges in the years ahead.
  • Watch an interesting demo of fault management through ManageEngine's OpManager.

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About the Speaker

Scott Riley

Scott Riley

Director of Hosting and Cloud Services at GCI

About Scott Riley

Scott is an IT management professional with 12 years of expertise in IT operations. During this time, he has led technical teams to success in a number of areas, including network and security, hosting and data centres, and product development. He is presently Director Cloud & Hosting at GCI and develops virtualisation technology solutions.

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