Centrally create and deploy keys.

Centrally create and deploy keys in their target systems.

SSH communication uses key pairs to authenticate users and allow access to SSH servers. In most organizations, the key pair creation is handled manually. After creation, private keys have to be linked with their respective users and the public keys have to be deployed in their target servers. This long and circuitous process makes it difficult for the administrators to manage them. So the key creation, linking, and deployment cycles end up requiring an automated mechanism for efficient execution.

With Key Manager Plus, the process of creating and deploying keys is simplified. In fact, the entire process can be completed in a couple of clicks, even for an entirely new SSH setup.

When a resource is discovered and the accurate user account credentials are updated, all user accounts associated with the resource are enumerated. Key Manager Plus then creates a unique key pair for each user, and the administrators can then link the public keys with all enumerated user accounts of the target server individually or simultaneously, simplifying the key management process.

During the key pair creation process, Key Manager Plus helps generate strong passphrases that serve as an additional layer of security. The keys and passphrases are stored in encrypted forms in the database. Key Manager Plus also helps create and deploy unique key pairs and passphrases for multiple users at the same time. In addition, the authority to manage key pairs is given only to the administrators, so the access control is centralized.

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