Discover SSH servers and keys.

Discover SSH keys and servers.

When users request access to SSH servers, the common practice in most of the organizations is to create new key pairs. Some organizations even allow the end users to create and handle the keys independently. After creation, the keys are not managed at all. This leads to proliferation of keys, lack of centralized control, and even unauthorized access.

To organize and manage the keys, organizations have to first discover all the SSH keys present in the network and how they are being used. Because an inestimable number of keys may be scattered in various systems in the network, organizations need an automated mechanism to discover, consolidate, and store the keys in a secure, centralized repository.

Key Manager Plus resolves these issues by:

  • Performing automatic network-based discovery for all SSH keys and servers in your network.
  • Enumerating the user accounts in the discovered servers.
  • Importing any unused keys available in the network.
  • Storing the discovered, imported, and generated SSH keys in a centralized repository.

It then maps the key user relationships, making it easier for administrators to deploy, rotate, or delete the keys, as required, and maintain a complete overview of the SSH network.

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