Mobile Asset Management and Reports

With more and more mobile devices entering and accessing the organization's corporate resources it's imperative for admins to monitor and control access to corporate data. Unlike traditional workstations, which reside within the physical workspace of an enterprise, mobile devices are used from multiple locations, thereby making the asset management process more complicated. Mobile asset management is the process of keeping track of the mobile devices used within organizations, in order to maintain a detailed inventory of these devices. 

Mobile Device Manager Plus is a comprehensive mobile device management solution (MDM) that helps IT admins with mobile asset management, in addition to securing the corporate data, apps, and content on these devices.

How can Mobile Device Manager Plus help?

Mobile Device Manager Plus provides the following mobile asset management capabilities to admins:

  • Customizable dashboard: Admins can obtain an overview of the managed devices, device owners, installed apps, device platform and enrollment status. This view also provides a recently performed actions by different technicians and administrators for audit purposes.
  • Comprehensive Inventory: The Inventory tab provides granular details into the device details such as installed apps, available certificates, applied restrictions, device location. Additionally you'll be able the view encryption details and other security details as well.
  • Enhanced segregation of devices: With Groups, you can easily arrange your devices based on the hierarchy or departments. In addition to easier management, Mobile Device Manager Plus automatically distributes the required apps, configurations and content to the devices once they're added to the Groups or moved from one Group to another.
  • Scheduled device scans: Upon enrollment all devices are scanned and the details are displayed on the server. To ensure the device details fetched are always updated, enable scheduled device scans. Based on schedule configured, the devices are scanned and all the device details are updated.
  • Out-of the box reports: The details available in the Inventory can also be viewed as reports for audits or analysis. Mobile Device Manager Plus provides more than 10 pre-defined reports that can be downloaded from the Reports tab. You can also schedule these reports to be periodically mailed to specific email addresses. Additionally, you can also generate customised reports by running a Query on the MDM server
  • Bulk edit device details: You can also upload additional details such as warranty expiry date, purchase date, owner details and a lot more to create a single view for all the device details.
  • Maintain compliance: With various compliance standards being designed for data privacy, it's important for organizations to comply with these standards and ensure any device that violates these standards is not allowed to access corporate data. Mobile Device Manager Plus detects Jailbroken and rooted devices and automatically removes them from management, thereby ensuring these devices don't access corporate data. Organization with more stringent policies can also configure SafetyNet Attestation for Android devices.
  • Track device location: In many sectors like logistics, it's necessary to maintain logs about the locations traversed by the devices and also the most recent location of devices. With Geo-tracking, admins have an option to view the locations of devices individually or on a single map view.
  • Geofencing: Organizations that require the mobile devices to be available only in a certain geographical location can make use of Geofencing to perform various actions like notifying the admin, corporate wipe or complete wipe when the device leave the geofence.
  • Battery Level Tracking: It is essential for IT admins to keep a track of the battery levels on the devices, to ensure the devices do not run out of charge and are unable to contact the MDM server. Mobile Device Manager Plus enables admins to monitor the battery levels and charging status of devices and receive alerts when the device falls below a specified battery level.
  • Remote troubleshoot devices: Mobile devices, like every other technology, are not free of issues, with Mobile Device Manager Plus, you can ensure you can troubleshoot these issues by remotely controlling or viewing the device screens.
  • Integrations: Mobile Device Manager Plus also integrates with a whole host of other software that simplify management of devices. Take a look at all the available integrations.