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Applications Manager Additional Downloads

There are certain modules in Applications Manager that are agent based. These agents are not standalone products. They work only in combination with ManageEngine Applications Manager.

Listed below are some of our modules which require installation of an agent. The download links here will take you to the respective pages from where you can download the files.

APM Insight

Giving visibility into the end-to-end web transaction across your infrastructure; APM Insight offers visual representations of performance metrics of all components starting from URLs to SQL queries, Apdex scores to measure user satisfaction and transaction tracing.

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End User Monitoring (EUM)

A synthetic agent-based monitoring; EUM enables businesses to monitor the response time of the business-critical services from branch offices or actual customer locations.

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Web Transaction Recorder

Use the Web Transaction Recorder to record web transactions that need to be simulated by the Real Browser Monitor (RBM) or HTTP(s) URL Sequence monitor.

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Web Page Analyzer Add-Ons

A bundle of add-ons for the Web page analyzer that enables you to get useful insights about your webpage.

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You have to install these agents over the existing installation of Applications Manager and apply the registered license to enable the particular add-on's feature.

Have any questions on the add-ons or the agent installations? Feel free to reach us at

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