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Configuring Mobile App

You can now access Desktop Central on the go, by using an app designed for iOS and Android devices. Desktop Central app is supported from build #91110  and later versions. You can manage computers running Windows, Mac and Linux operating system. You can download the mobile app from the app store/playstore. This app is supported for iphone, ipad and android mobile devices. After downloading and installing the mobile app, you will have to provide the following information:

Server Name : Specify the Desktop Central server name or IP. This should be reachable from devices outside the enterprise.

Port : 8020 (Specify the port number that you have used)


Two Factor authentication is supported on the mobile app. After providing the above mentioned details, you will be prompted to enter the user name and password. You can now start performing the below mentioned desktop management activities:

  • Scope of management
    • Install/Uninstall agents
    • Add or remove computers from SoM
    • Manage computers under remote offices
  • Inventory
    • Summary of assets in the Network
    • Fetch hardware and software details
    • Initiate asset scan
    • License Management
    • Meter software usage
    • Manage prohibited software
  • Patch Management
    • Obtain details of all patch configurations
    • View list of all patches
    • Initiate patch scan
    • View supported patch details
  • Tools
    • Take complete remote control of end-user computers
    • Remote shutdown of managed computers
    • Wake on LAN can be enabled
    • System Manager - Command Prompt
  • Settings
  • Zia - Virtual Assistant 

Notifications alert

Desktop Central Mobile app has notifications alert which can be configured according to user needs. The notifications provide details of all the successful and unsuccessful tasks implemented. The total count of notifications received by the user will be displayed in the toolbar. A user can check the history of the tasks based on the alerts received. Click on Notifications ->Settings and enable the required tasks to receive the notifications for the same. 

  • Mobile App is supported only for customers running Enterprise Edition or UEM Edition of Desktop Central, build 91110 or later versions.
  • Two Factor authentication is supported on the mobile app.
  • Access to the contents in the mobile is determined by the role and permissions for every user. For example, if a user has read only role in Desktop Central, his access using the app will remain the same.
  • Remote control feature enables complete access of the end-user system from the Desktop Central Mobile App.