Deep Packet Inspection Tool

What is Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)?

Where is Deep Packet Inspection used?

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is the most accurate technique to monitor the application traffic, analyze application delivery problems and regulate traffic flows to the best suitable way. With DPI’s packet level analysis, it is easy to make informed decisions on capacity planning and better network performance management. It also determines what is the root cause for performance related issues with the complete traffic picture (both network and application) in a single view.

How Deep Packet Inspection works

Deep Packet Inspection Software

NetFlow Analyzer's Deep Packet Inspection solution allows you to capture packets from the network flows and analyzes packet capture (PCAP) files. The DPI monitoring capabilities rely on packet-level analysis to determine whether the network or the application is at fault and react quickly to the issues before they impact end users. It gives admins clear visibility into the volumes of application traffic for their enterprise network and helps them to diagnose application performance problems with response time details and drill even further to the root cause of performance degradation issues.

With DPI you can:

Real-time network traffic management with packet-level analysis

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  • Response Time Dashboard

    Response time and traffic volumes graphs for top application, to get at-a-glance details of application performance.

  • Application vs. Network response time

    Application and Network response time graphs in single view for a specific app to pinpoint the exact fault and improve the network/app availability.

  • Application traffic volume

    More accurate reports for application traffic helps to troubleshoot bandwidth issues and can determine which customer or application should receive bandwidth priority.

  • Conversation Reports

    Conversation report helps to drill-down further to know the conversation between the top users and the application and other details of the user to understand the issue better and regulate them.

  • Advanced forensics

    Generate historical reports for forensics with More Reports option to get to the root cause of issue and identify the reason behind it so that you can prevent any recurrence.

  • Application Overview page

    Get the complete view of response time and traffic of each application and check if the business critical apps are prioritized properly.

High performance, Deep Packet Inspection and excellent report generation capability. Good Forensic analysis features.

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