Automate third-party patch management for Microsoft SCCM 


Re-define your SCCM experience with Patch Connect Plus

Patch Connect Plus integrates with Microsoft SCCM to facilitate third party patch management, with automated patching of 530+ third-party updates across 330+ applications. With the 'Application Management' feature, customized deployment of applications is also made possible. Additionally, 'Admin Tools' provisions administrators with 25 of the most essential utilities, directly accessible from the SCCM console, for the optimal user experience.


non-Microsoft patches

Enhance SCCM third party patch management with customized and automated deployment for 530+ third-party updates to SCCM client systems.


Think beyond patching. Create your desired software applications in SCCM / Intune with Patch Connect Plus' SCCM Application Management and Application Management for Microsoft Endpoint Manager

SCCM client machines

Optimize your basic SCCM operations like troubleshooting, managing clients, etc., with ease using SCCM Right Click Tools

Update Catalogs

Simplify third-party patching in SCCM by adding Patch Connect Plus' Update Catalogs to SCCM 1806 and above.

 Carry out non-Microsoft patch management with a robust set of tools



Automated patching

Automated third party patching

Protect your systems from security threats with regular patching. Perform 3rd party patch management for vulnerable systems automatically, using SCCM patch management infrastructure.

Native plug-in for SCCM

Native plug-in for SCCM

Patch the applications you want, with out filtering through the complete list of third-party applications in the SCCM Console. This plug-in lists every available third-party update, along with complete reports on all client machines.

Application Management

Application Management

Create your desired applications in SCCM, Intune, or Microsoft Endpoint Manager from a vast repository of supported applications. You can also customize the application deployment to your need with deployment scripts and pre-defined templates.

Deployment report

SCCM Right Click Tools

Perform a wide range of most essential functions like on-demand client operation, client troubleshooting, and system management actions right from the SCCM console.

Customized deployment

Customized deployment with pre/post scripts

Gain a widescope of customization options for patches before deploying them. You can tailor the deployment with pre-defined Deployment Templates or create your own with custom pre/post scripts.

Support for SCUP catalog

Auto-detect and publishing of patches

Detect newly added applications in the network and publish automatically. This will help in fetching the list of applications that are installed, also notifying whenever a new application gets detected in the network.

Extensive third-party software catalog

Extensive third-party software catalogs

Expand SCCM 3rd party patch management for 330+ third-party applications and ensure that all your non-Microsoft applications are getting patched.

Deployment report

Deployment reports

Get data on the SCCM deployment that lists the client machines based on criteria like installed patches, missing patches, and failed installations.

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