Compliance Software for Enterprises

Ensuring compliance based on security scores.

The internet plays host to not only data, but also a flurry of malware. This is why browser providers offer a number of security settings to prevent security breaches. But how do you ensure users are employing the recommended browser security standards? Sometimes users can change the recommended browser settings without even realizing it, which can make it challenging and time consuming to ensure each computer in your network is following the recommended standards. But with the right tool, ensuring compliance is easy.

With Browser Security Plus, you can:

  • Calculate your security score based on how compliant your computers are to a set of predefined standards.
  • Determine which computers aren't compliant based on their security risks. Computers are classified as highly vulnerable, vulnerable, low risk, and secure. You can see which standard each computer is non-compliant with.
  • Provide fixes based on non-compliance categories, including threat prevention, data leakage prevention, and vulnerability assessment.

Note: Browser Security Plus shows the compliance of computers with Chrome and Internet Explorer security configurations.

To secure your browsers and mitigate web-based threats now, download a free, 30-day trial of Browser Security Plus and try out these features for yourself.